Dr. Callahan, you are the best!

Last year, I slipped and fell badly on some ice. I saw a local chiropractor weekly for almost 10 months with little or no success. Thankfully, a friend recommended Dr. Callahan. He spent a full half hour with me and asked me if I knew my hips were rotated and that my jaw was out. After adjusting my back he had me walk around. Dissatisfied with what he saw, he brought me back to the table and started checking some more. He discovered that two of my ribs were way out and adjusted them quickly. The pain that I had been living with for 10 months was gone. I was thrilled that he was able to uncover why I was still in pain and incredibly frustrated that my previous chiropractor hadn’t even thought to check. Thank you Dr. Callahan, you are the best!

 — Jen Weaver Howe